Sound Synthesis with Arduino // eTextile Spring Break

Live demos at 1:00 and 5:30
  • FastTouch provides excellent touch feedback with examples for the Lilypad and Adafruit’s Circuit Playground Express. (See 1:00 in the video above!)
  • Mozzi allows your Arduino “to produce much more complex and interesting growls, sweeps and chorusing atmospherics”. There are plenty of ways to shape the sound that you want, similar to an analog or virtual synthesizer. I’m really looking forward to playing with this one!
  • Talkie is a speech library for Arduino. We had a little trouble getting this one to compile for the Lilypad, since apparently there is an issue with an update that includes the SayQ command; as a result, you must modify the sketch to use SayQ instead of the say command. I also ran into an issue with the qBlink command, so I removed that and all references to it in the example. (See the video below!)
“SayQAcorn” demo on Sparkfun Lilypad
  • An iron-on backing is applied to copper taffeta fabric.
  • A Silhouette Cameo cutter (or other vinyl cutter) is used to cut the fabric into solderable pads.
  • By applying masking tape to the top of the cut surface, you can pick up the individual pads in their proper orientation, and apply this to neoprene fabric (about 2mm thick).
  • Using a full-size or craft iron, place another piece of thin fabric on top, and carefully heat the assembly, so that the iron-on backing melts the two layers of fabric together.
I’m not sure who soldered these two 555 patches. The design is by Martin De Bie and Adrian Freed. Window picture ft. Sam Topley, Teresa Lamb, and Martin
Hornbill ESP32 Minima and CraftMates binder




DIY robots, music, EEG, wearables, languages. FIRST alumna. Hardware Nerd @hacksterio. She/her

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Alex Glow

Alex Glow

DIY robots, music, EEG, wearables, languages. FIRST alumna. Hardware Nerd @hacksterio. She/her

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