Robot Tour of San Francisco

Glasses: JINS (Union Square/Powell)

Lunch: Eatsa (Spear St./FiDi)

Next up, I stopped for lunch at Eatsa, my favorite “robot restaurant” (sadly, I haven’t been to the one in Tokyo). The place has a kind of cult-temple aesthetic that I love, and food is ordered at little credit-card kiosks, then picked up from lighted cubbies.

Coffee: Café X (Metreon/Powell)

Rounding out our little field trip, just off Yerba Buena Park, there’s a robot, table, and chairs that apparently constitute an entire “café”. Café X has been there for a few months, and it wants your phone number.

Is It Worth It?

I mean, it’s hella fun to interact with machines for a few hours, but these three have very specific applications for the technology.



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Alex Glow

Alex Glow

DIY robots, music, EEG, wearables, languages. FIRST alumna. Hardware Nerd @hacksterio. She/her