Apple Newtons for Pi Day

This totally counts as pie.

We christened the Glowforge a year ago with Insta-Grahams, and we’re back with another terrible food idea!!

This year, since Pi Day is also a Throwback Thursday, I decided to go old-school with a reference to the Apple Newton. We happen to have these deceptively sugary snacks in the office:

…basically hipster Newtons. And of course, we have them in Apple Cinnamon flavor! So it’s clear what must be done:


A couple of these were older since I’ve been holding onto them for months in anticipation of this gag. It just happens to be a gorgeous day (suitable for our Glowforge exhaust/window setup), Throwback Thursday, and Pi Day all in one! The older ones are lighter and less moist. I used the Medium Maple Plywood Proofgrade setting on those, since they seemed to match that color best. The Medium thickness corresponds to about half an inch, which is also roughly the thickness of these bad boys.

The resolution wasn’t super great. For the pair of newer Newtons, I switched to Medium Cherry Plywood, which is a darker colored wood. I thought it might use a lower power setting, since dark wood absorbs more laser energy, but these were still blurry. This might have to do with the low-quality images, or the far-from-exact thickness spec, but unfortunately I didn’t have a ton of time to monkey around with custom settings. It’s a workday, after all…

Since I’ve already lasered all kinds of horrible things in the Glowforge, these are less plausibly edible than the Insta-Grahams. But it warms my heart to know that the joke is now real. And it’s a great way to heat up your tiny pie!

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DIY robots, music, EEG, wearables, languages. FIRST alumna. Hardware Nerd @hacksterio. She/her

DIY robots, music, EEG, wearables, languages. FIRST alumna. Hardware Nerd @hacksterio. She/her